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01. Teaching

We are offering Burmese for Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate, and Upper-Intermediate levels to the international student.

Seeing as how English has established itself to be the definitive Linga franca when performing commerce & trade. Having English be de jure and de facto language used throughout the nation may provide for all ethnicities and tribes present the same opportunity to deal business with the international community.

It is within our vested interest to promote the use of English, we are also helping children to improve their reading skills to achieve native-like fluency in English.
Know Your Students
That Not Mine
Plant a Kiss
What are Blubs
Giving a Speech

02. Public Speaking Course

How should I start my speech at an event?

1. Arouse introduction to be interesting. How to do it? - Select a question, statement, or real-life experience.

2. Identify your subject! - Adapt what you say to the practical needs of your listeners.

3. Effective Conclusion!
- Connect your conclusion to your topic.
- Motivate your listeners.
- Keep your conclusion simple and brief

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