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Numbers in Scripts
Aspirated consonants with ha-hto sign

Burmese For Beginners!

  1. How many types of Consonants are in Burmese?
  2. The reason to learn the Medial 'Wa' & 'Ya' Consonants?
  3. Why does the sound of the vowel change when combined with the Medial Consonants?
  4. How many tones are in Burmese?


  1. How to draw the 45 minutes lesson plan?
  2. What should you include to be an effective lesson plan?
  3. What should you consider before you start drawing your lesson plans?

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Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams

MLC's teaching method is clear and logical. The school uses different methods, such as games, songs, pictures, and roleplay, so the lessons are always interesting. Teachers are also very encouraging and supportive!

Paul Seger
Paul Seger

Great way to learn Burmese through a step-by-step, intuitive method. I made great progress in a relatively short time.